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At BFSI Digital Stallions Forum we are proud to have 145+ BFSI Brands as partners

As a nation India has made huge strides in the field of Customer Education and campaigns like Mutual Fund Sahi Hain, Bima Bemisaal and many others run by individual brands has made a significant impact on allowing millions of Indians understand finance better
Financial Literacy is the hallmark of a progressive society & at BFSI Digital Stallions Forum we have taken up the task of being a torch bearer in the Financial Literacy / Customer Education space
Along with the 145+ BFSI Brands we are working closely with a host of leading Media Houses across Digital, Print, OOH, TV, etc and shall assist member financial brands to get access to the best media deals when it comes to spending their Customer Education Budgets
What sets a Customer Education campaign apart from the others is the neutrality & the fact that the core objective is to speak about the product category & not the product. This allows the end user; customers to understand & explore the category & make an independent decision

How can BFSI Digital Stallions Forum help?

  • Through our Superior understanding of the BFSI domain in terms of Product, Regulations & Customer Behavior we can play a pivotal role in creating effective Communication & Media strategy
  • As a neutral entity, we work with leading media houses covering Digital, Print, TV, OOH, etc. We can help in getting content creating that is accurate & engaging and work with our media partners for custom innovation that creates high recall

How is this offering different from what your Digital Agency offers?

  • A digital agency handles multiples clients across categories and might not necessarily be BFSI Focused only
  • The teams that work on your media plans may not understand the category or have access to customer insights & thus your media plan might be good it might yet lack the zing
  • At BFSI Digital Stallions Forum we have superior understanding of the category in terms of Products, Policies, Regulations, Customer Insights, Customer Behavior and much more. We intend to use this very knowledge quotient to craft communication & media plans that shall assist BFSI Brands to further the cause of Customer Education
As a neutral entity we at BFSI Digital Stallions Forum bring to the table a high level of ethics and understanding of the BFSI Sector across Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Banking, Small Finance Banks, Broking, etc and have built strong relationships with leading Media houses covering Digital, Print, OOH, TV, etc in English along with 10 regional languages
We are glad to assist BFSI Brands pick the right media deal & get maximum bang for the buck on their customer education spends
To know more write to the Founder of BFSI Digital Stallions Forum, Paurush Sonkar at or call him at 9833742146
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