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BFSI Digital Stallions Forum is a sole client-side Forum and as of September 2023 has an impressive strength of 250+ Members across 145+ Leading BFSI Brands across India
Being a sole client-side forum there is a need among the forum to get access to good partners from varied areas; Performance Agencies, Digital Branding Agencies, SEO / SEM Agencies, UI/UX partners, MarTech platforms, Video networks, etc.
If you are a partner looking to cut your time to market and reach 145+ BFSI Brands across India then The Partner Connect Program is just what you need
The Partner Connect Program allows you to reach 145+ BFSI Brands effortlessly & put your offering in from them in a seamless manner and with ease. All this from comfort of your office / co-working space or even your home..
The Partner Connect Program aims to assist you with an approach of how you could deep mine the BFSI Sector & grow your business form this sector
In the past we have seen an interesting mix of partners participating at BFSI Digital Stallions Forum via The Partner Connect Program across Media houses, MarTech brands, Digital Agencies, Content Agencies, Market Research Firms and more
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